Welcome to the World's Longest Domain Name

Many have created long domain names just to fool you but you are the sort of person that really needs to know the truth.

Anybody can type letters and numbers and keep typing until you hit the domain name length limit. Once you have entered lots of random charactors just buy a domain name and that's it. Well that approach is wrong.

We have registered the longest town name in the UK and that IS a real place. So a domain based on a real place is much better than a string of words and numbers.

When you have read this I am sure you'll be thinking I need a holiday in Austria and staying in the luxury chalet like this one. Luxury Chalet Website


St wolfgang

If you have never bought a domain name before you should, it is easy. Namecheap.com are excellent and as the name suggests cheap!

Just imagine thinking about owning a new domain name while enjoying a lovely holiday in Austria.

You can re-direct your domain to an existing site like your Facebook page.

Of course the best option is buy a hosting package from a company like Fasthosts.com and point your domain to their servers.

When you own a domain you can create any email address you like at that domain




So while you are walking around a stunning lake or dancing in the steps of the Sound of Music in Salzburg you can use a computer in the beautiful chalet to try out some domain ideas of your own.

I am excited, are you ?

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The time in the UK is 02:49:44

Llanfair P. G.
SE Anglesey
South Wales